KASYAPA Institute proudly offers foundational education in Integrative Yoga Therapy, Āyurveda and selective Classical Indian Subjects as shared through an authentic living wisdom traditions. In addition, KASYAPA Institute offers guest lecture series and Satsangha on various Spiritual, Health and Wellness topics.

Diploma in Yoga Therapy (DYT)

Program Duration: TBA
Theory, practicum and exams held at KASYAPA Institute
Students will undergo 100 hours of Clinical Internship in Yoga Therapy at the Advanced Yoga Therapy Clinic mentored by the Department of Human Consciousness & Yogic Sci-ence, Mangalore University.
Exams administered at KASYAPA Institute by faculty member of the Department of Hu-man Consciousness & Yogic Science, Mangalore University. Exams will be graded and re-sults will be issued by Mangalore University
Diploma will be accredited by KASYAPA Institute and Mangalore University
Prerequisite: 250 hours of KASYAPA Yoga Teacher Training (KYTT) Program or 250 hours of YTT approved by Yoga Alliance, USA