It has come to my attention that certain individuals have launched  a vicious campaign of totally false and defamatory statements against me. They have done so anonymously without being prepared to come forward. I am presently taking legal advice to remedy this intolerable situation.

These odious and malicious false allegations attack my character, my academic credentials and my skills and abilities as a qualified and experienced yoga therapist. These false and malicious allegations are calculated by the disseminators  to disparage my character and reputation and to ruin my career.

 I vehemently  deny each and every one of these scurrilous allegations. Specifically, contrary  to these false and unsubstantiated insinuations, I am not under any criminal nor academic investigation. I remain committed to the ethical teaching of Ayurvedic Medicine in the Siddha tradition in accordance with my family traditions and training as I have done for  16 years.

Babu Rao Gunthati


KASYAPA Integrative Wellness Program offers a unique and individualized health & wellness experience through a complimentary integration of Yoga Therapy, Āyurvedam and Siddha Medicine  to re-establish physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.


KASYAPA Institute conducts applied research in the field of Integrative Yoga Therapy. Our research team participated in many collaborative research projects with medical and educational institutes in the field of Yoga Therapy.


KASYAPA Institute proudly offers foundational education in Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Therapy, Āyurvedam and selective Classical Indian Subjects as shared through an authentic living wisdom tradition.